Our History

Manchester Wood Pellets

Manchester Wood Pellets manufactures award-winning super-premium wood pellets for use in pellet grills and smokers. We converted an old mill property into a state-of-the art pellet mill, using a proprietary manufacturing process. Because we use new technologies to make our awesome pellets, our product delivers superior flavor and smoke quality.

The property was previously the home of the Central Connecticut Cooperative Farmers Association, which employed over 70 people and manufactured animal feed products for over 78 years.

“Apel’s Opera House”

Our Team

The Manchester Wood pellets team acquired the property and subsequently converted the former animal feed mill into a barbecue wood pellet manufacturing facility. We are proud to create local manufacturing and forestry jobs, which is helping to reinvigorate our local economy and strengthen our community. When you buy Manchester Wood Pellets, you’re not just buying the best wood pellets money can buy – you’re also helping some local folks get back to work.

Our Mission

The Manchester Wood Pellets team lives for good barbecue and we’re on a mission to provide a superior barbecue wood pellet made only from the finest, locally-sourced natural ingredients. We know that good barbecue requires the right fuel. That’s why we’ve developed a new kind of super-premium wood pellet – one that’s made entirely from green hardwood chips sourced directly from local forests, has the highest bulk density and ultra-low ash content. Our forestry partners carefully select the finest oak, maple, hickory and cherry timber for processing at our plant.  

The Best Barbecue Wood Pellets Money Can Buy

Many high-volume wood pellet manufacturers use low-cost sawmill waste materials, which can result in poor flavor outcomes. We’re a small-batch pellet mill, partnered with local New England foresters who supply us with 100% natural wood chips – directly from nature. When you cook with Manchester Barbecue Pellets, you can rest assured that our product is the best cooking pellet money can buy. Our barbecue wood pellets are super-premium because we exclusively use 100% natural green wood chips as our raw material and utilize a proprietary manufacturing process. We never use artificial fragrance oils of any kind. With Manchester Barbecue Pellets, you get perfect natural smoke flavor. Our manufacturing process gives you pellets with superior wood aromatics. A number of barbecue restaurants use our wood pellets for smoking, because they deliver smoke flavor that is very close to the results a Pitmaster gets from using a traditional log burner.


In addition to making the finest barbecue wood pellets money can buy,  we’re also focused on protecting our environment, which means that we only use wood waste from sustainable forestry operations. In addition, we’re installing solar panels on our buildings to reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing process.