Why You Should Use Manchester Barbecue Pellets in Your PitBoss

Manchester vs. Pit Boss: Superior BBQ Pellets

Manchester BBQ Pellets vs. Pit Boss Pellets

Discover why Manchester is the superior choice for your pellet grill

Manchester BBQ Pellets: The Ultimate Upgrade for Any Pellet Grill

At Manchester BBQ Pellets, we pride ourselves on not just meeting the standard but setting it. Unlike brands that manufacture both grills and pellets, such as Pit Boss, we specialize exclusively in creating the highest quality pellets, ensuring that we never sacrifice quality for profit.

Manchester BBQ Pellets

  • 100% fresh, green, debarked hardwoods
  • Patent pending manufacturing process
  • Special proprietary two-stage drying process
  • Low ash content for superior flavor
  • Used by award-winning BBQ teams and restaurants
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Pit Boss Pellets

  • Standard manufacturing processes
  • Traditional single-stage drying
  • Higher ash content
  • Variability in wood source quality
  • Lacks the special touch of a pellet-focused brand