49 x 20lb bags of Manchester Barbecue Pellets Five-Star Barbecue Pellet Blend (100 x 20lb Bags – One Pallet). Buy 49 bags of the finest hardwood pellets money can buy. 

Our pellets are crafted in small batches at our pellet mill in Connecticut. We only use pure and fresh green wood chips from local hardwood species such as red oak, hard maple, hickory and cherry. Approved by local pit masters, our blend will deliver superior smoke flavor with each cook.

Shipment details: Our half pallets are 40"x48" and weigh 1,000 lbs.

***If you are not a wholesale customer, but are interested in purchasing our BBQ pellets in bulk, you can order at our retail store. CLICK HERE TO BUY RETAIL BULK BBQ PELLETS***