Manchester Biochar

Manchester Wood Pellets - Biochar Partnership Opportunity

Manchester Wood Pellets, a hardwood pellet mill located in Connecticut, is excited to announce a unique partnership opportunity. We are seeking an investor to collaborate in the development of a biochar manufacturing facility, leveraging our group's extensive expertise in the renewable energy sector.

As a leading pellet mill in the Northeast USA, we bring a wealth of advantages:

  • Abundant Raw Materials: Our operations ensure a steady supply of hardwood raw materials essential for biochar production.
  • Infrastructure in Place: Our facility has 
  • Existing Permits: All necessary permits are already in place, paving the way for a swift and efficient setup.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: This project aligns with our dedication to environmental sustainability and renewable energy solutions.
  • Industrial Applications: Biochar is evolving as a key raw material input for a number of manufacturing processes. 

We believe this partnership will not only be a profitable venture but also a significant step towards eco-friendly practices in Connecticut. To explore this exciting opportunity and discuss how we can work together, please visit our contact page.

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