Cooking with wood pellets

Restaurants across the nation are realizing quickly that cooking with wood pellets yields a unique flavor experience for their customers.

Chipotle recently introduced a new ingredient to menus nationwide: smoked brisket.  Smoked brisket has been consistently among the top requested menu items by Chipotle guests.

For restaurant owners and chefs seeking excellent barbecue flavor without the high-touch hassle of managing a traditional grill or smoker, wood pellet grills and smokers are the obvious answer.

Because pellet smokers are easy to operate and offer “set and forget” functionality, restaurant operators can now provide a wide variety of desirable barbecue items that customers love – without increasing operating costs. Items such as baby back ribs, brisket and pulled pork can be cooked in a predictable and uniform manner. It's like having a Pitmaster, at a fraction of the cost.

Another benefit of preparing barbecue items with a pellet smoker is that you can smoke meats "low and slow" overnight, which yields better flavor and requires no employee to monitor the cook.

If your restaurant is seeking a super-premium hardwood pellet for cooking and smoking applications, Manchester Barbecue Pellets is your solution. Our barbecue wood pellets for pellet grills are available in 20lb bags. If you would like to order our pellets, please register on our Wholesale Portal.