Wood Pellet Export

Manchester Wood Pellets manufactures and exports hardwood pellets for use in pellet stoves. We can supply European customers with high-BTU heating fuel for pellet stoves.

2022 has witnessed an unprecedented increase in export demand for wood pellets manufactured in the United States. 

The war in Ukraine has resulted in sanctions on Russia, which block over three million tons of wood pellets from being exported to the European Union.

We export wood pellets to Europe, with a focus on Germany, France, Italy and the UK.

Our wood pellets are shipped by the ton in palletized super sacks, which can be loaded onto containers at our site in Connecticut.

Our wood pellet manufacturing facility is located 145 miles from Port Newark, New Jersey, USA (2.5 hours by truck).

Our minimum export order size is 25 tons (one x 40' container).

Manchester Wood Pellets meet or exceed the ENplus-A1 European pellet certification standard.

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